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SciTech Patent Art’s Competitive Technical Intelligence (CTI) Portal


Competitive Technical Intelligence plays an integral role in corporate innovation strategy development. Competitive intelligence programs provide businesses with knowledge and insights to make informed decisions. This will enable them to gain a competitive edge and succeed in an ever-changing business environment.

In order to build a comprehensive competitive intelligence program, it is necessary to collect information from a variety of sources and dimensions, such as technological developments, market opportunities, competitor product innovation strategies, etc.

In order to implement an innovation strategy effectively, companies should monitor external factors and align internal organisations to ensure that the acquired intelligence is used to execute the strategy as effectively as possible.

In order to implement a competitive intelligence program effectively, corporate information groups need a centralized and customized information-dissemination and collaboration platform.

SciTech Patent Art’s Competitive Technical Intelligence (CTI) Portal provides access to organized information gathered from a wide variety of sources. Competitive Technical

Intelligence is a platform designed to encourage collaboration among R&D professionals in various global centers by allowing users to extract insights actively.

Various sources of information are gathered into the CTI portal, including business news, products, patents, scientific literature, and collaborations. The CTI portal allows SPA to track the latest technology developments external to an organization, helping to identify risks or identify significant opportunities before they become obvious. In order to draw meaningful conclusions about a competitor or technology of interest, the data is analyzed and the most relevant details are presented.

The Competitive Intelligence (CTI) Portal of SciTech Patent Art is built using the following key elements:

Proprietary Deep-Web search:

We use our proprietary Deep-web search algorithms to uncover uncovered data from open source search engines. Once the data has been uncovered, proprietary AI algorithms are used to tag and filter it into relevant information.


The data is organized in accordance with the taxonomy defined in collaboration with our client’s subject matter experts and our analysts. A taxonomy represents the main objectives of the CTI program and could be designed in the following ways:

  • A taxonomy specific to a particular technology or company
  • An organized taxonomy that aligns with business segments

As soon as the taxonomy is created, corresponding information is collected and curated, and then uploaded to the CTI portal.


The CTI portal provides interactive and real-time dashboards to gain rapid insights and drive action based on curated data. Using these easy-to-use, customizable, and real-time dashboards, users can answer specific questions, gain a deeper insight into specific activities of a certain company or technology.

Routine updates:

Keeping the CTI portal alive requires routinely updating the database with patent and non-patent literature alerts, which capture summary abstracts of key inventions, technical publications, product launch documents, etc.

SPA’s proprietary “CTI portal” is used by R&D scientists, business heads, and technologists in:

  • Tracking technology
  • Monitoring competitor activity
  • Identifying overlapping technology platforms across businesses
  • Knowing the specific business activities of competitors
  • Potential partners for technology development


Competitive intelligence is crucial to businesses, providing knowledge and insights to make informed decisions that ensure them a competitive edge and success in an ever-changing business environment. SciTech Patent Art’s Competitive Technical Intelligence (CTI) Portal provides access to such knowledge and insights, organized and gathered from a wide variety of sources. SPA’s proprietary “CTI portal” is used by R&D scientists, business heads, and technologists, comprised of SPA’s proprietary Deep-Web search as one of its key elements.

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