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Non-Patent Literature Search

Non-patent literature search involves searching across varied information sources and helps in answering questions such as the following:

What are major problems that researchers working on in a particular technology? How can we explore new business opportunities?

Searching non-patent literature is a complex and daunting task because the amount of information is literally infinite. SciTech Patent Art has specific expertise in searching non-patent literature coming from an experience in executing many complex searches over a decade. Our scientists are trained at looking at various sources journals, trade publications, in-country libraries through our global network of partners, local newspapers, and many other such sources that are not widely known. SciTech Patent Art scientists are trained to call and conduct primary interviews with industry experts to identify potential references of interest, where necessary.


  • Search journals, trade publications, libraries, local newspapers, and other sources
  • Conduct primary interviews with industry experts
  • Provide a detailed summary of the literature analysis

Key Deliverables

  • Correlation of technical elements from analysis of scientific literature
  • Providing “Technology Summaries” and “Connect the dots” reports technology_summaries