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When you come to work with us, you will be joining a team of dedicated professionals who are working with international clients on cutting-edge innovations. Our workforce is highly energetic, professional and friendly. You will learn what IP means, how to use freely-available and proprietary search tools, how to use spreadsheets to conduct analytics and dig-out insights, what the latest innovations in various disciplines are, and more importantly, how to have fun with professionals that look like you and have similar aspirations. While we do our level-best to retain talent, we are also proud of our alumni who have moved on to work at various globally reputed organizations in critical roles.

Open Positions

Knowledge Scientist (M.Sc. / M.Tech. Bio Technology)

Knowledge Scientist (M.Sc. Organic Chemistry)

Knowledge Scientist (B.Tech in Food Technology)

Knowledge Scientist (B.Tech in Mechanical with sales experience)

Patent Analyst (B.Tech / M.Tech in Chemical Engineering}

Patent Analyst (M.Sc / B.Tech in Polymer Science)

Patent Analyst (M.Sc / B.Tech in Material Science)

Al/ML Developer (Data Science/Python Skills)

.Net Developer

Marketing (MBA IT)

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    • Career at SPA is intended for candidates who have a passion to excel at work.
    • Whether it is working directly with a R&D scientist or a Patent Attorney, there are amazing opportunities for candidates willing to learn! For employees who excel, opportunities are provided for them to meet and learn from IP professionals outside India.
    • Training is an integral part of one’s career in Patent Art.
    • Once an employee is inducted into the company, he / she is given training in all aspects of IP. Training is an on-going process at SPA and every effort is made to ensure that the employee is provided with all the skills necessary for quality delivery.
    • Customized training programmes are conducted to suit the needs of the customers. International experts are also invited to share their best practices.
    • At SciTech, the workplace is a very professional environment and yet very friendly and warm. While office could be stressful with committed timelines, employees have plenty of opportunities to chill out. Whether it is playing Table tennis during lunch hour or volleyball in the evening, employees look forward to their day @Patent Art.
    • During every festival, employees come together to celebrate the festival. While there is kite flying during Sankranthi, Christmas is greeted with a delightful get-together.
    • The annual picnics provide plenty of opportunities for the family members of employees to bond with each other.
    •  The Corporate Day celebration is the event that is most cherished as it is an occasion for everyone to display their talent, through sports or cultural events.
    • The ever-increasing fast pace in our lives has made time a precious commodity. We find that it is a challenge to find time to stay fit. To address this, we have created a well designed gym with modern equipments. Employees are encouraged to exercise while at work place and thereby stay fit.

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