Problem & Context:

The client, an European manufacturer of caps and closures was interested in monitoring the monthly Indian patent filing activity of their competitors in specific areas of interest. The SPA team understood the client needs and worked closely with the client to design a suitable methodology and approach. SPA also designed a user-friendly deliverable which included an excel workbook with summary, easily readable highlights of each patent and a critical drawing.

SciTech Patent Art Approach & Deliverables:
  • SPA team considered the following approach:
    • Search and retrieval of patent.
    • Screening /Analysis of technology information from patents.
    • Summarizing interesting patents in an easily understandable form.
    • Providing critical Drawings with labels for each of the relevant patents.
  • SPA team identified key patents which were provided in the format explained above.
  • Based on SPA’s reports, the client commissioned SPA to monitor the commercial activities of a select few Indian competitors.
  • SPA was also entrusted with drafting and filing of patents for innovations coming out of their Indian R&D center.

This cost-effective service is being provided at 750 per month