Problem & Context:

A petroleum & gas company engaged SciTech Patent Art to study the patent portfolio of the client company and compare its patented technologies with those of its competitors. SciTech Patent Art created the technology portfolio of the client company along with the competitor’s portfolio. SPA benchmarked the company’s technologies using several parameters.

SciTech Patent Art Approach & Deliverables:

A 3-member SPA team was designated full-time to work on the project

  • SPA conducted a patent search and retrieved granted patents/ applications of the client company, including those of its subsidiaries/joint ventures.
  • The patents were categorized into key technology areas – upstream, downstream, storage/ transportation, control systems
  • SPA used “Porter’s Five Forces model” to evaluate company’s strategic position in the oil & gas industry.
  • SWOT analysis was conducted to demonstrate the status of the company.
  • Growth-Share matrix was generated to understand the growth of the company’s patent filings.
  • Originality (innovation of a patent ) and Generality (cross-field applications) of the patents filed were studied.
  • Technology Cycle Time (TCT) was calculated to identify the technology progression over time.
  • SPA ranked all the patents filed by the company using a proprietary in-house developed tool.
  • A comparative study on patent filing activity of the company vis-à-vis its key competitors was conducted.
  • SPA predicted future partnerships in various technology areas (such as exploration, reservoir simulations, drillings, etc.) based on similar patents. SPA provided key recommendations to the company based on the above study.

The team took about 6 weeks to complete the project that costed $30,000