Problem & Context:

The client, an American technology company engaged SciTech Patent Art to conduct a due diligence of its patent portfolio in the area of Industrial Valves. The study was aimed at comparing the company’s patents with those of its competitors and possibility of commercialization in unrelated applications.

SciTech Patent Art Approach & Deliverables:
  • A team of Mechanical & Electronics engineers at SPA were designated full-time to work on the project.
  • SPA initiated the study by identifying all the components of the valve. The valve construction was intended to reduce emission of greenhouse gases.
  • SPA conducted patent searches and created a patent portfolio around the said components of the valve.
  • Based on the claimed subject matter, SPA assessed the strength of the valve-related patents.
  • A few select patents were compared with those of other companies in the same space. Similarities / differences between the claims of client’s patents and competitors’ patents were assessed.
  • SPA also determined if the client’s patent strategy was offensive or defensive.
  • A detailed SWOT analysis on the sealing technology of the valve was conducted. The areas of opportunities for the company in adjacent industries were highlighted.
  • Freedom to operate study was conducted to identify possible blocking patents and rule out potential threats, if any.
  • The SPA team collaborated very closely with the client, and answered several questions on technology and its possible commercialization.

The study was performed in 5 weeks and costed $10,000