Problem & Context:

An American Food and Beverage company was in need of a global Competitive Technology Intelligence platform for informing its R&D scientists and also aligning management on emerging opportunities. Information on consumer trends, technology advancement, regulatory changes, packaging trends, health and nutrition was needed to develop innovation and growth strategies. The client team needed an information partner to provide structured data, and quarterly connect-the-dots summaries to inform R&D management.

SciTech Patent Art Approach & Deliverables:

A 7-member team at SciTech Patent Art was designated full-time to work on the project. The technical team and IT team worked together to design a deep web crawling tool to gather required information on a periodic basis. The information was gathered from extensive sources related to new products, scientific literature, patents and industry news. The technical team created in-depth taxonomies for 40+ technologies and categorized data within each of these taxonomies. Over time, AI agents were trained to assist analysts in categorization. The taxonomies were reviewed and refined on interaction with specific client sub-teams. Information was delivered on a web-based platform with information updated on a routinely basis using SPA’s proprietary Deep Web crawling and AI agents. SPA analysts also conducted global conference calls on a quarterly basis to review results with R&D scientists and management.