Problem & Context:

An Italian wire and cable company engaged SciTech Patent Art to create an overview of materials used for electrically connecting semiconductor devices. The study was aimed at identifying the most interesting applications for materials, their consumption by geography, material suppliers/ manufacturers for applications related to “automotive and energy storage”.

SciTech Patent Art Approach & Deliverables:

3-member SPA team was designated full-time to work on the project

  • SPA conducted in-depth studies on the technology to understand the space. SPA searched through patent literature, scientific journals, product data sheets, etc. to source relevant information.
  • SPA studied the following:
    • Overview of all materials
    • Technologies in wire bonding
    • Critical requirements of bonding wire materials
    • Types of bonding technologies suitable for specific materials
    • Specific materials suitable for automotive and energy storage applications
    • Market sizing for selected materials
    • Technology trends etc.
  • The study successfully helped the client define the course of future research

The team took about 6 weeks to complete the study that costed $30,000