Problem & Context:

The client, an oil & gas consulting company partnered with SciTech Patent Art to understand the state-of-the-art of geothermal energy technology through the lens of patent analytics. The specific requirement was to understand the patenting trends in geothermal energy, draw the geothermal patent landscape across the industry value chain, and use patent analytics to identify technology gaps.

SciTech Patent Art Approach & Deliverables:
  • The project was assigned to a 2-member SPA team.
  • A structured methodology was developed which began with building a database of approximately 6,000 patents on geothermal energy.
  • The resulting patent records were analyzed, categorized, and mapped across the geothermal industry value chain comprising of exploration, drilling, completions, reservoir stimulation, and power plants.
  • Analytics was conducted on this dataset to develop insights on the state-of-the-art of geothermal energy technology, the level and pace of innovation in geothermal industry value chain and opportunities for further development.
  • Performed the portfolio analysis to assess the commercial and technical quality, benchmark the assignees, and understand the pace of innovation using the patent quality indicators (originality, generality, technology cycle time).
  • Performed a cost analysis to understand the Levelized Cost of Electricity across the geothermal value chain.

The study was conducted within 12 weeks and costed $45,000