Problem & Context:

An American corporate R&D center  engaged in advanced materials research and development were interested in understanding technology and Intellectual Property (IP) trends related to Graphene through creation of a detailed technology taxonomy and routinely updates.

SciTech Patent Art Approach & Deliverables:

SciTech Patent Art engaged a team that had extensive research experience in materials science. The team designed a globally accessible Technology Intelligence portal. A multi-level technology taxonomy was created to accommodate information related to patents, scientific publications, and business news related to graphene. Granted patents and new publications from multiple databases are screened and analyzed. Relevant scientific articles and business news were screened from a variety of sources such as scientific journals, company websites, conference proceedings and others using SPA’s Deep Web search technique. A short summary was provided for each relevant article. Information on the portal was updated at regular intervals and sent to the portal users through push e-mails. The live portal helped the client understand key inventions, players, and current technology trends in the subject area thereby strategizing their research and business.

The initial data curation and portal development happened within 6 weeks. Thereafter, routine monthly updates continued. The total project cost including monthly updates and portal development was $50,000