Problem & Context:

A multinational cosmetic company was interested in investigating technologies related to “Hair Color Protection/Retention” that would effectively protect the color of dyed/colored hair.

SciTech Patent Art Approach & Deliverables:
  • Analysts at SciTech Patent Art conducted a preliminary study and found that anti-fading compounds that protect the color of artificially colored hair are not only incorporated in hair dye formulations but also used in pre or post-treatment compositions such as anti-fading shampoos , conditioners etc.
  • Based on the above observations, a worldwide patent search was conducted in various patent databases using appropriate keywords and classification codes (IPC/CPC/F Terms). Patents describing actives, formulations and processes for hair color retention were selected for further study.
  • Identified records were analyzed to find key technologies, product form (dye, shampoo, conditioners etc.) and color retention parameter i.e. number of washes
  • A report in PowerPoint format with key visualization charts/graphs from relevant patents was presented
  • A few key insights from the study include –
  • Silicones (Amino Silicones, Organosiloxanes) are the most preferred actives associated with longer color retention
  • Patent activity on Carbohydrates (Chitosan derivative; starch derivatives) for color protection has gained momentum in recent years
  • Functionalization of existing dye molecules to enhance their fade resistance is also being considered.

The project was completed in 5 weeks and costed $10,000