Problem & Context:

For an American multinational Biopharmaceutical company SciTech Patent Art conducted a competitive landscape study to understand the initiatives of pharmaceutical companies in adopting digital enabling technologies.

SciTech Patent Art Approach & Deliverables:
  • A team of analysts with backgrounds in Pharma and Electronics conducted search for products/technologies in “Digital Therapeutics” for various competitors
  • Extracted the following information for the relevant products:
  • Company overview
  • Type of technology/platform
  • Therapeutic areas; Clinical strategy and Studies
  • Financials & Strategic Roadmap
  • Relevant news
  • Information was sourced and analyzed from multiple data sources such as Publications, market research, conference proceedings, company websites, patents, clinical trials and other relevant databases/sources
  • A detailed report with insightful findings were presented

The team implemented the project in 4 weeks which costed $15,000