Problem & Context:

An American precision engineering company was interested in extending the term of a critical patent which was to expire shortly. The patent was in the area of static and dynamic sealing devices. The client engaged an SPA team to recommend ways to extend patent protection.

SciTech Patent Art Approach & Deliverables:
  • A 2-member team at SciTech Patent Art was chartered for the project where one of the team members had extensive experience in the patent ever-greening strategies of pharma industry.
  • The team conducted multiple patent searches in and around the client’s patented technology.
  • Several patents on seal assembly were critically analyzed. Possible product enhancements were investigated. Product modifications vis-à-vis benefits were identified.
  • A list of 10 different ideas were presented to the client along with pros and cons of the ideas.
  • A preliminary main claim was also presented to help the technology team brainstorm with their legal team.

The team spent about a month on the project which costed $10,000