Problem & Context:
  • A Japanese chemicals company is expanding its sustainable product portfolio as part of its sustainability goals. The company is interested in designing products derived from plant based / renewable raw materials. The company wanted to understand competitors’ IP strategies for the synthesis of specific polymers starting from renewable sources.
SciTech Patent Art Approach & Deliverables:
  • SPA studied patent publications in this specific area, and analyzed technical and legal aspects of the patents. All the patents were categorized into complex client-specific clusters. Approx. 1600 patents were analyzed and categorized within approx. 3 weeks

Categorization / Analysis criteria:

  • Identify primary raw material from renewable sources
  • Capture the scope of disclosure of renewable source from claims, patent specification, examples, etc. Further define the breadth of claimed aspects whether broad or specific
  • Identify the process used for extraction of raw material from the renewable source whether synthetic or natural
  • Identify polymeric structure of the raw material
  • Legal status of the patent publication

The project was completed in 3 weeks and costed $10,000