Problem & Context:
  • One of the largest pet food manufacturers who has been striving to achieve zero environmental impact and net-zero greenhouse gas emissions wanted to investigate environmental impact of pet food manufacturing and explore carbon market relevant to the pet food industry.
  • SciTech Patent Art conducted an IP landscape study to identify patents and patent applications related to Carbon/GHG/Flue Gases Capturing, Carbon Credits Generation, Reduced Energy Consumption and usage of Sustainable Raw Material in Pet food manufacturing.
SciTech Patent Art Approach & Deliverables:
  • Patent searches were conducted in the patent databases using different keywords and classification codes, and in combinations with different logical approaches
  • Screening and Analysis of relevant search results were carried out to bring out the salient features of technologies mentioned below:
  • Patent Focus
  • Carbon Market Info.
  • Pet Food Type
  • Normalization of technologies and bibliographic data was carried out for relevant records and the results visually represented in the a detailed report

The report was prepared in 3 weeks and costed $12,000