Problem & Context:
  • A Japanese information technology & electronics company was interested in conducting evidence of use research for patents / applications of their interest. They were interested in obtaining a list of products and identify standards being used.
SciTech Patent Art Approach & Deliverables:

The team at SPA specializing in Electronics and Telecommunication were assigned the task. The team reviewed the patents in detail and identified key claim elements of the patents under investigation. Searches for 3GPP standards were conducted by using keywords to identify relevant technical specifications and were mapped to the claim elements. Product searches were conducted to identify companies/vendors that disclosed similar technology. Relevant products were analyzed to identify product features and were mapped to the claim elements. The process to search for products and map to claim elements was an iterative process. Detailed claim charts along with an executive summary of the analysis was presented. The claim charts included mapping each claim element to technical specification and product features.

The effort took about 4 weeks and costed $10,000