Problem & Context:

An American Agri-biotech company, engaged SciTech Patent Art to track multiple start-ups in the agri-biotech area. The study was aimed at understanding the basis for high investments in the companies and their potential readiness for commercialization.

SciTech Patent Art Approach & Deliverables:

A 2-member team of Biotechnologists at SciTech Patent Art was chartered to conduct this study. The team  extracted information on core technologies owned by these companies based on their patents, scientific publications and general news-articles. Information gathered was analyzed to understand their technologies, marketing strategies and future plans. Collaborations with universities and other companies were also studied as part of this work. The team also studied the general status of companies in this space to develop an overall benchmark for technology status and the relative strengths/weaknesses of each company’s technologies. An insightful report was created highlighting the start-ups’ funding information, their distinct technologies, strengths and weaknesses, commercialization plans, and business/ market strategies.

The project was completed within a period of one month and costed $14,000