Problem & Context:

A specialty chemical company was looking for a very comprehensive dataset related to a Phenol derivative. The requirement was to cover all patents related to the compound, its derivatives and polymers and then categorize them. Search conducted using chemical names or structure was not giving precise dataset and just using CAS RN of known derivatives was not sufficient to cover all references.

SciTech Patent Art Approach & Deliverables:
  • An organic chemist with vast patent search experience was assigned the job. The challenge was to conduct a comprehensive as well as precise search.
  • The analyst, in consultation with the client, developed a very comprehensive search approach which included the following:
    1. Search Registry file using CAS registry numbers of the compound and all known derivatives.
    2. Search Registry file using CAS registry number of the compound as component registry number (CRN) – to cover all unknown derivatives and polymers.
    3. Search for references related to a or b above in Chemical Abstracts.
    4. Search for unspecified derivatives of the compound in Chemical Abstracts by pairing CAS RN with D and DP.
    5. Search in Derwent World Patent Index (DWPI) using Derwent Chemical Resource Number (DCR).
    6. Expanding the compound name in DWPI and searching for all indexed derivatives.
    7. Combining the results from c, d, e and f.
  • The above approach helped retrieve comprehensive as well as highly precise dataset.
  • The resultant dataset was categorized as per the client’s requirement.

The analyst conducted searches and provided the report within 4 week for $10,000