Problem & Context:

A tooling and industrial materials company was looking for potential partners in Open Innovation in tooling materials, particularly in USA and Canada. The client’s initial searches were unsuccessful in identifying the most relevant groups in their specific area of interest.

SciTech Patent Art Approach & Deliverables:
  • A 2-member team was formed to help the client identify the most relevant partners.
  • Searches were conducted in two parallel streams –
    • Patents and scientific publications Patents: A comprehensive set of over 5,000 patents was screened and ranked to identify key universities and inventors with the highest ranked patents.
    • Scientific publications: Around 2,000 articles were retrieved, and ranked based on citations and journal quality to uncover the most valued researchers.
  • The set of inventors and article authors were combined to extract the universities/research groups where disruptive innovation in tooling materials was taking place.
  • A summary report was prepared to highlight the potential Open Innovation partner research groups and their key areas of interest along with corroborating evidence.

The project was implemented in 2 months and costed $15,000