Problem & Context:

An American food company, partnered with SciTech Patent Art to monitor and identify emerging technologies, products and business divestitures/ strategies of select companies.

SciTech Patent Art Approach & Deliverables:

A 2-member team of food technologists from SciTech Patent Art was assigned on a full-time basis to support the client team. A Competitive Technology Intelligence program was deigned to track peer companies and emerging technologies. A globally accessible portal was designed with user-friendly features. Editable taxonomies were created to accommodate information related to patents, scientific publications, business news and product launches. An intelligent dashboard was created to help the client know about competitors’ activities including venture funding, identify white spaces in technology, lower Freedom to operate (FTO) risks, identify possible potential partnerships, etc. Information on the portal is currently being updated at regular intervals and sent to the portal users through push emails. The live portal helps the client understand technologies and competitors, thereby strategizing their research and business.

The project was completed over a duration of 5 months and costed $40,000