Problem & Context:

The client partnered with SPA to identify the problems/needs of patients/ medical fraternity through study of non-patent literature. The end objective was to identify emerging technologies to meet these needs and also determine technology trends in the area of diagnosis and treatment of a certain medical condition.

SciTech Patent Art Approach & Deliverables:
  • Initially, Team SPA studied non-patent literature to identify the problems/ needs at the hospital/ patient front.
  • Symptoms, issues with risk stratification, and risk predictors associated with drugs, devices, demographic aspects, etc. for diagnosis / therapy were considered for the study.
  • Clinical trial data was also considered.
  • Based on the prevailing global scenario across various technology domains (such as use of software/ algorithms, machine learning and remote monitoring) and the need of the hour in the area of study, Team SPA made predictions on the potential direction of research to address the key problems/ needs.
  • Further, patent and non-patent literature studies were conducted to identify existing as well as emerging solutions in the area of study.
  • SPA study clearly brought out information on key researchers, collaborations, emerging technology trends, etc.
  • The study successfully helped the client define the course of future research.