Problem & Context:

A medical devices company contacted SciTech Patent Art (SPA) to seek technical support for responding to Office actions received from the Patent Office for medical devices related patent application.

SciTech Patent Art Approach & Deliverables:
  • A 2-member team from SPA was assigned to the project.
  • The Office action received from the Patent Office comprised Election/ Restrictions and Rejections (anticipation and unpatentable grounds).
  • The claims of the subject patent application were studied in detail and suggestions and points to be highlighted in the remarks/ arguments to the examiner were provided to the client.
  • Necessary claim amendments were suggested to ensure that protection for the technical aspects of relevance would not be excluded.
  • Certain claims were recommended for cancellation / deletion.
  • Aspects considered to be critical to the invention which were disclosed in the specification were incorporated in the existing claims to clearly differentiate from devices cited in the prior art and overcome objections raised by the examiner.

The team spends about 2 weeks on each office action for about $2,000