Problem & Context:

A Japanese consulting company engaged SciTech Patent Art to create various secondary market reports for promising future technologies. SciTech Patent Art created 50+ such reports by conducting searches using deep web techniques.

SciTech Patent Art Approach & Deliverables:
  • The project was executed by two electronics engineers.
  • SPA studied the technical literature, news, market reports, review articles, etc. on the topic/technology of interest using deep web techniques developed in-house.
  • Key players engaged in extensive research and development were identified using patent/non-patent searches.
  • SPA provided a general overview of technology, its application and associated benefits.
  • SPA furnished information on the new and latest technology developments with examples wherever possible.
  • SPA also provided details of innovative new products, key technologies etc. from companies in the corresponding business segment.
  • SPA reviewed global market sizes from secondary sources (BCC research, Grand view research, etc.) and forecasted future market size by applying Time Series Regression models.
  • Thus, SPA predicted current, near future and distant future trends for technology growth and demands.

The team took about 6 weeks to deliver the project and costed $20,000