Problem & Context:
  • A Japanese automobile parts manufacturer was interested in investigating technologies related to reducing life cycle emissions at the component level in automobiles, with a focus on the following:
    • Component technologies for low carbonization of vehicles
    • Measurement models of life cycle carbon footprint of vehicles
    • Method of recording a carbon footprint on a component information label
SciTech Patent Art Approach & Deliverables:
  • As the areas of research were unique and mutually exclusive, analysts at SciTech Patent Art adopted search approaches different from the traditional searches. Hence the search was challenging for this project. SciTech Patent Art adopted hypothesis based approach to find different methods and technologies in all the three areas.
  • Analysts conducted a comprehensive research by studying patents, technical articles, review papers, web articles, etc. Publications in the last five years across various jurisdictions were considered
  • A report in PowerPoint (PPT) format with key visualization charts/graphs from relevant patents and scientific literature was presented
  • SPA included the following in the final analysis output:
  • Key observations on the analysis (Executive summary)
  • Key filers/ companies
  • Filing trends
  • Technologies related to Life cycle Assessment of emission reduction in the automotive sector

The project took 4 weeks to complete and costed $10,000