Problem & Context:

The objective of the study was to identify white spaces in the technology of fiber incorporation in paper manufacturing. The client, a global consumer product company engaged SciTech Patent Art to identify research opportunities in the said area.

SciTech Patent Art Approach & Deliverables:
  • A team of polymer chemists were staffed on this project.
  • The team initiated a technology landscape on use of fibers in paper making.
  • The team collaborated with IT engineers to develop a tool to help save time on screening and categorization.
  • SPA conducted a global patent search and retrieved granted patents/applications that were loaded on the tool.
  • Concept and keyword based criteria were used for screening and analysis. Setting up of criteria was made easy by the use of machine assisted keywords. This was executed with the help of trained domain specific ML models. This approach provided quick/accurate results.
  • A facility was provided for the user to review the results and adjust the criteria before making changes to the target dataset.
  • Using the customized tool, SPA team clearly brought out the emerging technology trends and white space analysis in technology, key collaborations, etc. in the said technology space.
  • The in-house developed tool helped in reducing the turn around time by>40%.
  • The study successfully helped the client define the course of future research

The project took about 2 weeks and costed $2,000