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SciTech Patent Art (SPA)’s customized news feed engages Deep Web crawling to provide consumer and technology insights

Although many companies regularly keep track of developments in core technologies and key competitors, few monitoring programs are comprehensive enough, and companies would prefer tracking new entrants or key technology developments from an external view. SciTech Patent Art’s multi-disciplinary team of data analysts + scientists/technologists makes this possible by using low-cost, mostly automated approaches in gathering and sharing consumer and technology trends.

SPA’s news feed services are used by R&D scientists and technologists for monitoring:

  • Competitor activity such as R&D, sales and acquisitions
  • Technology activity, including new materials, product launches or news announcements
  • Trade /industry news
  • Evolving regulations and policies in the industry
  • And other relevant information

The custom news feed is delivered on a daily or weekly basis. Unique features of this service include:

  • Being configured to monitor specific companies and technologies
  • Structured data, gathered by using SPA’s Deep Web search platform
  • All relevant news, filtered and tagged by AI-trained agents
  • News delivered in XML format or as a newsletter accessible through smart devices