We are interested in learning about IP strategies of companies that are using renewable sources for various raw materials

Problem & Context: A Japanese chemicals company is expanding its sustainable product portfolio as part of its sustainability goals. The company is interested in designing products derived from plant based / renewable raw materials. The company wanted to understand competitors’ IP strategies for the synthesis of specific polymers starting from renewable sources. SciTech Patent Art [...]

We are interested in learning about recent trends in sustainable packaging, especially for personal care products

Problem & Context: An American consumer products company, with a foresight on providing advance healthy oral care habits to transform people’s health while reducing impact on the planet, wanted to develop a technology map on sustainable personal hygiene devices and sustainable packaging for the personal hygiene devices. SciTech Patent Art Approach & Deliverables: As the [...]

In the automobile industry, companies are constantly looking for technologies related to emission reduction. We are particularly interested in the life cycle assessment of emission reduction

Problem & Context: A Japanese automobile parts manufacturer was interested in investigating technologies related to reducing life cycle emissions at the component level in automobiles, with a focus on the following: Component technologies for low carbonization of vehicles Measurement models of life cycle carbon footprint of vehicles Method of recording a carbon footprint on a [...]

Sustainability is a topic of significant interest to our organization and we are interested in learning about new technologies

Problem & Context: One of the largest pet food manufacturers who has been striving to achieve zero environmental impact and net-zero greenhouse gas emissions wanted to investigate environmental impact of pet food manufacturing and explore carbon market relevant to the pet food industry. SciTech Patent Art conducted an IP landscape study to identify patents and [...]