We are interested in contacting few START-UPS AND RESEARCH INSTITUTES that are working on interesting technologies of our interest

Business Relevance: A medical device manufacturer was interested in conducting a study to identify start-ups and research institutes working on next generation technologies related to viral manufacture with a focus to address the various issues/ problems encountered at different stages of manufacture.  SciTech Patent Art provides patent and technology intelligence research services that support the [...]

We would like to understand the capability and expertise of potential contract manufacturers & technology / equipment vendors

Business Relevance: A pet food company engaged SciTech Patent Art to identify a) co-manufacturing locations / contract manufacturers having confectionery production experience with packaging capabilities b) technology/equipment vendor for manufacturing specific types of treats. SciTech Patent Art Approach & Deliverables: SciTech Patent Art conducted searches for the necessary information through various open sources such as [...]

In order to understand the current status of technology development and commercialization, we are interested in conducting a technology landscape assessment

Business Relevance: A Biopharmaceutical company was interested in understanding the technologies related to mRNA delivery through an industry focused technology landscape assessment study. SciTech Patent Art Approach & Deliverables: SciTech Patent Art first reviewed the various drug delivery technologies. The team conducted various searches to extract relevant technologies/players from articles, publications, market research, conference meetings, [...]

We are interested in identifying new multi-disciplinary solutions for an existing problem related to delamination in packaging

Business Relevance: A processed food company was interested to identify a technical solution for the existing delamination problem in packaging due to harsh environment of temperature, water, and pressure.  SciTech Patent Art conducted a  comprehensive researched based on “problem and solution” analysis to uncover solutions beyond the food packaging industry by studying materials and technologies [...]

We are interested in exploring new technologies and approaches related to increasing propylene production from lower carbon olefins

Business Relevance: A petroleum company was interested in understanding the innovation space in the field of technologies related to increasing propylene production from lower carbon olefins, as well as identifying companies in emerging countries that have recently developed processes and had proven track records in the industry. SciTech Patent Art Approach & Deliverables: For this [...]

We are actively seeking new technology solutions from potential external partners across North America, Europe and Asia

Business Relevance: SciTech Patent Art developed an online platform - Early stage technology developers tool for technology scouting purpose in the medical devices domain . The platform is a database of start-ups/incubators/accelerators/tech transfer offices  across North America, Asia and Europe that are actively work on technologies of interest to the client. The platform offers access [...]