Business Relevance:

A petroleum company was interested in understanding the innovation space in the field of technologies related to increasing propylene production from lower carbon olefins, as well as identifying companies in emerging countries that have recently developed processes and had proven track records in the industry.

SciTech Patent Art Approach & Deliverables:

For this study, SciTech Patent Art performed the following:

  • Identified industry experts and conducted primary research to obtain industry-relevant information. Conducted searches across scientific Literature, patents, business news for the given technologies for comprehensive coverage

The summary of findings from the study was highlighted in a PowerPoint report.

  • Types of processes, licensor, process features such as process flow, operating data, etc. Name of owned company/refinery owning the process, equipment capacity, construction plans, estimated construction cost, etc.

We identified a variety of innovative technologies and approaches related to the increase of propylene production from lower carbon olefins. The client reviewed latest developments in this area to seek new partnerships / collaborations, to drive innovation and sustainability.

The project was implemented in 8 weeks and costed $20,000