Business Relevance:

A Biopharmaceutical company was interested in understanding the technologies related to mRNA delivery through an industry focused technology landscape assessment study.

SciTech Patent Art Approach & Deliverables:
  • SciTech Patent Art first reviewed the various drug delivery technologies. The team conducted various searches to extract relevant technologies/players from articles, publications, market research, conference meetings, company websites, patents, clinical trials and other relevant databases/industry-specific sources. In addition to the above sources, in-house Deep Web search techniques was used.
  • Relevant technologies were analyzed based on the attributes such as Brief description of the technology, Proof of Concept, disease target, product stage / Technology readiness level, Clinical trials, partnerships / collaborations, IP strength and critical hurdles.
  • The findings from the study was summarized and highlighted in a PowerPoint report. Identified more than 50 companies and provided a comparison table. Organization details, funding & Technology information was included.

Based on thorough assessment of the available technologies, the client could take informed decisions about which technology to pursue for their specific needs.

The project was implemented in 8 weeks and costed $22,000