Business Relevance:

A processed food company was interested to identify a technical solution for the existing delamination problem in packaging due to harsh environment of temperature, water, and pressure.  SciTech Patent Art conducted a  comprehensive researched based on “problem and solution” analysis to uncover solutions beyond the food packaging industry by studying materials and technologies used in adjacent industries.

SciTech Patent Art Approach & Deliverables:
  • SciTech Patent Art first reviewed the current packaging structure. The team conducted searches for patents and non-patent literature such as scientific publications, technical manuals, conference presentations, industry-specific journal articles, company websites, etc.
  • In addition to the above sources, in-house Deep Web search techniques was used to source the information from the multiple hot spots.
  • Search results were screened to identify and analyze relevant prior-art. Various technical solutions for the existing problem was identified and summarized with detailed analysis. Near-term and Long-term technical solutions with examples were provided. Technical analysis included reviewing material properties, delamination problems and solutions proposed along with examples.

Overall, the technical analysis of the prior-art identified several potential solutions for the de-lamination problem in food packaging. While near-term solutions involve modifying current materials and processes, long-term solutions may require the development of entirely new materials, adhesives, and manufacturing processes.

The project was implemented in 4 weeks and costed $10,000