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Technology Intelligence: Connecting The Dots To Generate Compelling Insights

A unique approach to obtain contextual insights, technology trends, and linkages between diverse information sources

Technology intelligence, i.e., generating business-relevant insights, occurs when hypotheses are generated by connecting multiple and disparate data sources (e.g., websites, press-releases, annual reports, patents, technical publications, product manuals) and are then verified through triangulation. Today, the connect-the-dots process is largely analyst-dependent and insight-generation is time-intensive; because data can exist on different platforms/websites/databases, and there is also an explosion of global information on the internet. Data analysts, therefore, find it a challenge to cope with the work load within limited time and a constrained budget. Breaking this dilemma requires a new approach to solving the problem.

SciTech Patent Art (SPA) has developed a new platform for connecting-the-dots across many data sources, adopting a highly time-efficient hybrid approach based on Machine Learning, Deep Web crawling and manual analyst curation. Using high-quality curated data, the platform allows users to connect the dots seamlessly and, in effect, simplifies the insight generation process.

One of SPA’s customers from the life-sciences industry shares their experience, “We are using the platform for identification of new and disruptive approaches to solve a problem, locate research partners, identify Key Opinion Leaders or Rising Stars and promising start-ups, and assessing competitor intent. Previously, this required our scientists to spend countless hours in data research and at the end of it, we were still unsure if we had the best answer in our hands. SciTech Patent Art’s connect-the-dots offering ensures that we get the best possible answer even when our scientists do not have the best searching skills…in effect, the connect-the-dots tool has democratized the insight-generation process for us”.

SciTech Patent Art is a leading patent and technology analytics firm based out of Hyderabad, India. With 17 years of experience and over 90 analysts covering various scientific and engineering disciplines, SPA has been providing high quality and cost-effective services to large corporations in the US, Japan, Netherlands, Switzerland and Germany. SPA’s scientists, assisted by proprietary Deep Web and AI/ML tools, extract in-depth technology insights from large patent and non-patent data-sets.