At SciTech Patent Art our team of highly qualified US and Indian Patent Agents work closely with our clients at various stages of securing patents, i.e beginning with patent drafting, filing and providing support during prosecution of patent applications. Patent prosecution is an iterative process between an Applicant, Patent Agent and Patent Office. Our team of Patent Agents possess the multi-faceted skill set needed for successfully securing patents such as Techno-legal competencies along with interpretation and negotiation techniques.

Our approach:

At SciTech Patent Art, our team of Patent Agents and technical experts spend considerable time and effort in understanding the technical details and business objectives for the patent application. Our team conducts in-depth analysis of invention and prior art. The patent application is carefully drafted encompassing key elements of the invention along with techno-legal elements of an application. Further, response to every office action is carefully crafted after a thorough review with the Applicant and a thorough understanding of the Examiner’s view point.

Our patent prosecution process involves:

  • Technical due diligence by our subject experts to establish key aspects of the invention
  • Detailed analysis of closely related prior art in view of novelty or non-obviousness approach
  • Claim charting of invention with respect to prior art
  • Preparing and filing a patent application draft
  • Conducting detailed analysis of office actions and cited prior art
  • Developing strategies/amendments/arguments to respond to office actions and filing response
  • Attending hearings
  • Filing pre-grant/post-grant oppositions

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