Researcher identification is useful in answering questions such as the following:

Could you please helps us in identifying potential collaborators relevant to our research area?

Collaboration network mapping is used by SPA clients to understand high value inventors or groups active in specific technology areas. Such information is used by SPA’s R&D clients for recruiting talent, tracking specific inventors and their progress, and identifying potential collaborators in their Open Innovation programs. SPA conducts such analyses based on patent information and scientific publication data. Such information is combined with SPA’s proprietary ranking algorithms to extract high-value records which are then mapped to identify high quality research groups and talent.

Key Deliverables

  • Conduct competitive collaboration intelligence
  • Identify researchers for hiring
  • Identify open innovation partners
  • Identify suppliers or service providers

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水素製造及び二酸化炭素回収/隔離の分野で研究開発を進める大学や研究機関など、潜在的な外部連携パートナーの探索をSPAに依頼。 具体的なプロジェクトの内容は


クライアントは、関心のある技術分野で活動する新興企業/インキュベーター/アクセラレータ/技術移転オフィスの探索及びデータベースの作成をSPAに依頼。 抽出された情報は