Competitive monitoring is an integral part of the R&D process. We would like to conduct routine alerts and analysis of published applications / patents to keep a track latest technological developments

Problem & Context: The client, an European manufacturer of caps and closures was interested in monitoring the monthly Indian patent filing activity of their competitors in specific areas of interest. The SPA team understood the client needs and worked closely with the client to design a suitable methodology and approach. SPA also designed a user-friendly [...]

We are looking for a cost-effective way of doing technology tracking to identify related technologies of our interest

Problem & Context: The client engaged SciTech Patent Art to conduct technology alerts in an area where the volume of patent data was growing rapidly. Manual screening and selection of appropriate patent records was very time consuming. In an effort to improve the productivity, SPA team engaged the AI/ML Data analytics team to develop a [...]

We want to conduct technology assessment study using patent literature to evaluate various types of valve materials

Problem & Context: A global consumer products company was interested to learn about materials that are used in valves , especially aerosol valves, that are made of plastics. The client wanted SciTech Patent Art to explore and prepare a report on type of valve materials that were being studied globally. SciTech Patent Art Approach & [...]

We are developing a roadmap for technologies of interest to our organization for long-term IP and R&D planning and looking to obtain IP research support

Problem & Context: The objective of the study was to identify white spaces in the technology of fiber incorporation in paper manufacturing. The client, a global consumer product company engaged SciTech Patent Art to identify research opportunities in the said area. SciTech Patent Art Approach & Deliverables: A team of polymer chemists were staffed on [...]

We have an idea for new product and would like to understand what prior art exists. We would like to conduct search for such products / concepts during the product development phase.

A Fortune 50 company in the consumer products space worked closely with the team at SciTech Patent Art during the product development of an insect repellent device. The team at SciTech Patent Art provided secondary research support during the entire product development lifecycle, i.e. from conceptualization to product launch. The secondary research included both IP [...]