Maintenance fees are significant portion of IP budgets. Routine evaluation of the patent portfolio helps identify key patents that need to be maintained

Problem & Context: The client, a Japanese chemical company was interested in understanding the strength of each of the patents in their patent portfolio to make a decision on their renewal. The client also wanted to compare / contrast the methodology used by SPA against other techniques. SciTech Patent Art Approach & Deliverables: Based on [...]

We would like to conduct prior art search to identify key patents for challenging the validity of a patent

Problem & Context: For a US based catalyst company, SciTech Patent Art conducted prior art search for a patent claiming a process of decreasing selectivity loss of catalyst used in a reactor for a petrochemical process by controlling the presence of water in the reactor. There were many references describing the use of the catalyst [...]

Do you conduct chemical structure searches or Markush structure search?

Problem & Context: A specialty chemical company was looking for a very comprehensive dataset related to a Phenol derivative. The requirement was to cover all patents related to the compound, its derivatives and polymers and then categorize them. Search conducted using chemical names or structure was not giving precise dataset and just using CAS RN [...]

Our research initiatives are directed towards incorporating new features in a functional material, for which we have to review the current state-of-the-art.

Problem & Context: A Japanese functional materials company wanted to identify potential new functionalities that could be added to Pressure Sensitive Adhesives (PSA) to make them more valuable to their customers. Contrast improvement, for example, in small-to-medium sized displays in mobile devices is conventionally delivered through a combination of PSA and optical films. The client [...]

We would like to identify technology partners across Europe and North America for possible technology development collaboration

Problem & Context: An Industrial gases company partnered with SciTech Patent Art to help identify potential external collaboration partners, such as Universities, Research Institutes etc. in the areas of Hydrogen production and Carbon Capture & Sequestration. The client wanted SciTech Patent Art to build an Energy Research Database containing information pertaining to the above. SciTech [...]

We have several invention disclosures for which we would like to conduct patentability searches before considering to file a patent application

Problem & Context: A Petrochemicals and plastics company, commissioned SciTech Patent Art for a patentability search related to the incorporation of certain modified polymers in the preparation of organic optical devices. A significant portion of prior art was expected to be in JP/CN language which was a challenge due to searching of machine translated text. [...]