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Legal Status Review

Legal status reviews play an essential role in answering questions such as the following:

We are interested in tracking patent prosecution in specific technologies across various jurisdictions, in order to strategize our commercialization opportunities. How can you help us in learning which technology is protected or available in public domain?

Before embarking on the development of an IP strategy, it is important to understand the legal status of your and your competitors' patent portfolio. SciTech Patent Art has access to this information globally. Our scientists are well versed in accessing this information not only from global databases but also various country patent offices. We can pull prosecution histories, access litigation files in the local courts, and so on using our network of global service providers. SciTech Patent Art has built close relationships over a decade with service providers who reside in geographies such as Russia, China, Brazil, India, Turkey, Korea, Japan, and Southeast Asia.


  • Monitor prosecution histories
  • Access litigation documents
  • Identify geographies for protection
  • Assess competitions patenting strategy

Key Deliverables


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