Landscape Search: current state-of-the art in a technology of interest and opportunities for future research - SciTech Patent Art

Landscape Search

Landscape searches are conducted to answer questions such as the following:

What is the current state-of-the art in my technology of interest? And what opportunities exist for future research?

Many R&D and technology development clients, before embarking on a new development program, be it a new technology, product or service, would like to understand what has been done already and what problems still remain to be solved. This is where a state-of-the-art / landscape search helps. We look at both patents and scientific publications to provide a broad picture of the technology's evolutionary background, types of problems that have been solved, approaches used, and issues with a technology that have still not been resolved.

Key Deliverables

  • Bibliography trends across geographies, timelines and technology developers
  • Technology trends by applications, industries, and emerging topics
    Technology trends
  • Prior problems and varied solutions
  • White space analysis to investigate research opportunities

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