Where are the big entry opportunities?

SPA’s clients use white space analyses to identify spaces where there is room for technology development, patentability or freedom-to-operate. These analyses help clients find new opportunities, e.g., potential product features or combinations of features that no company has targeted, important applications of a known technology that are yet to be explored, new technologies that are emerging or pre-emptive IP strategies that could be pursued to constrain competition. Conducting such analyses requires an in-depth knowledge of the technology area and an understanding of key technology parameters that matter. SPA’s technical experts study the technology space in detail to understand core dimensions of technology that matter, and then develop cross-feature maps that highlight white spaces.

Key Deliverables

  • Insightful, multi-feature maps

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患者の精神的外傷の緩和、手術室における外科医の経験値向上に資する電動手術器具領域における事業機会の探索および特定。 調査の具体的な目的は、電動手術器具領域を対象としたラン




工業用バルブに関する特許ポートフォリオのデューディリジェンスをSPAに依頼。 デューディリジェンスの主たる目的は、競合他社と自社のポートフォリオの比較、及び、非関連分野での自社特許技術の事業化の可能性の探索。…