Patentability assessment is the foremost step in protecting IP rights and is useful in answering questions such as the following:

We have an invention, and would like to seek protection at the earliest. Can we get a patent, if so what could be scope of protection?

Any invention is patentable only if it is novel and non-obvious. SciTech Patent Art has been conducting patentability searches for both independent inventors and large corporations for over a decade and has built unique expertise in assessing the patentability of an invention. We look at both patent and other publication literature before providing our assessment in a cost effective and timely manner. Our assessment helps you in deciding on the scope of the protection that you could possibly obtain.


  • Detailed search strategies with keywords and class codes covered
  • Relevant excerpts from prior art
  • Comparison of key elements of invention with prior art
  • Assessment of patentability High / Medium /Low

Examples of Deliverables


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