Freedom-to-operate assessments are conducted to answer questions such as the following:

Are there any obstacles seen in my commercialization plan? If so, what are my commercialization options?

An FTO / Right-to-use / Infringement study is conducted for our clients before they launch a new product / service in a new market. It could also be used to understand if a competitor’s product / service is infringing your own IP. Such studies are business critical since they directly impact the IP strategy adopted. Hence a high level of skill is required from the search service provider. SciTech Patent Art’s scientists are experts in FTO/infringement studies. We thoroughly analyze claims, compare the product / service in question against the claims and provide our assessment. Our reports are typically accompanied by visuals that help you understand the rationale for our assessment. During the whole analysis stage, we work closely with you to ensure that we understand your needs.


  • Multiple searches conducted across various databases
  • Identify relevant documents
  • Analyse and categorize documents and verify legal status
  • Comprehensive and intuitive report with technical analysis provided

Examples of Deliverables

Freedom to Operate (FTO) Analysis

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画像技術に関する使用の証拠(Evidence of Use : EoU)の作成を要望。 市場に流通する製品を対象とした侵害事実の確認を目的とした調査を実施。…


工業用バルブに関する特許ポートフォリオのデューディリジェンスをSPAに依頼。 デューディリジェンスの主たる目的は、