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Evidence of use Analysis

Evidence of use analysis supports resolving intricate questions such as the following:

Can you search for relevant products that match specific patents, so that we can identify possibility of any infringement?

Evidence of use analysis / Patent Product matching is frequently conducted to detect potential infringements or to identify potential licensing opportunities. SPA analysts have conducted many studies where they have obtained key patents, dissected them into various claim elements and then identified specific products in the patent that use various aspects of the claim elements. The studies are presented in a concise, user-friendly manner so that clients can quickly understand the findings and make a decision in further steps.


  • Outline distinct technical elements of patents under investigation
  • Search products related to the technical elements
  • Analyse and compare technical elements of the patents and relevant products

Key Deliverables

  • Our claim charts are in a visually intuitive format that enables quick assimilation
  • Comparison of drawings from patents and products