We are interested in learning about small and medium sized companies working in the technology space of our interest

Problem & Context: An American Agri-biotech company, engaged SciTech Patent Art to track multiple start-ups in the agri-biotech area. The study was aimed at understanding the basis for high investments in the companies and their potential readiness for commercialization. SciTech Patent Art Approach & Deliverables: A 2-member team of Biotechnologists at SciTech Patent Art was [...]

We would like to identify prior art for a granted patent

Problem & Context: The client commissioned SPA to find prior art for a patent on the use of a particular organic acid for treating a skin condition. SciTech Patent Art Approach & Deliverables: An organic chemist with pharma background and a vast search experience was assigned the job. The searcher carefully reviewed the prosecution of the subject patent and its family [...]

We would like to conduct a deep-dive in the area of drug delivery systems to identify and review various types of technologies available on a commercial scale. How could we proceed?

Problem & Context: The client, a global pharmaceutical client engaged SciTech Patent Art to prepare a technology landscape on drug delivery systems through comprehensive secondary research. The specific requirement was to identify the technology features in various drug delivery systems such as injectors, wearables and patch pumps and the challenges addressed by them. SciTech Patent [...]