What information is available regarding prebiotics that are non-carbohydrate in nature.

Business Relevance: At SciTech Patent Art, search was conducted for non carbohydrate prebiotics resulted in few references and disclose peptides, lipids and hydrolyzed proteins (whey proteins, alpha lactalbumin) as non carbohydrate prebiotics.  A comprehensive search was conducted for both patent and non-patent literature and the articles that are related to query have been identified. The [...]

Find a list of companies marketing anti-allergy prescription drug with a specific ingredient in Indonesia, along with the product name and form.

Business Relevance: At SciTech Patent Art, search for an anti-allergy prescription drug containing specific ingredient in Indonesia was conducted using sources such as Current index of medical specialties (CIMS) and found 42 such products. The specific ingredient used in the anti-allergy drug is indicated for the symptomatic relief of allergy such as hay fever (allergic [...]

What is the relationship keratinocytes cell division and the hair fiber production?

Business Relevance: SciTech Patent Art had conducted comprehensive searches in open sources and patent databases for scientific and patent literature related to the relationship of keratinocytes cell division and the hair fiber production. The following key concepts were used in conducting the search: Cell division for keratinocytes Fiber production or Hair growth Several references found [...]

We would like to conduct a patent landscape of compositions for hair color protection

Problem & Context: A multinational cosmetic company was interested in investigating technologies related to “Hair Color Protection/Retention” that would effectively protect the color of dyed/colored hair. SciTech Patent Art Approach & Deliverables: Analysts at SciTech Patent Art conducted a preliminary study and found that anti-fading compounds that protect the color of artificially colored hair are [...]