Answering Difficult Technical Questions in Innovation

Some technical questions faced in innovation are difficult to answer. What material did that company use to coat its active materials? What approaches can be used to improve conductivity of my material? Of all the researchers out there, who has the most novel approach to solve my problem?

Such questions require relevant subject matter and connecting-the-dots to frame and execute the research. At SciTech Patent Art (SPA), our team of technical experts work are trained in working with disparate data sources – patents, technical literature, regulatory filings, product labels, etc. – to connect-the-dots rapidly and bring out insightful answers.

Our connect-the-dots expertise is built on our proprietary capabilities in

  • Formulating unique search strategies spanning many different data sources
  • Searching the Deep Web to identify unique documents
  • Using ML-based tools to analyze and extract relevant information
  • Presenting the answers in intuitive reports

Please contact us if you have a difficult research question to answer – we will bring the best and most experienced minds to work on answering your question.