What is the EDD about?

  • The database offers a curated list of early stage technology developers such as Start-ups, SBIR Grant Phase I/II companies, Incubators, Accelerators, Technology Transfer/Licensing Offices of Universities & Research Institutes, Medical Research organizations (MRO), Venture Capital Firms (VC).
  • One of the key advantages of the database is that it is indexed by technology (Oncology, Cardiovascular Disease, Food safety, Autonomous Vehicles, Ingredient Processing, etc.). The database is customized by technologies of interest to clients across various geographies (North America, Europe, Asia and others).
  • Includes other essential details of technologies such as title, description, stages of technology development – developing stage / commercialized, funding details, contact information of key executives in order to initiate discussions.

Why is EDD important?

  • While there are many databases available for mining information related to Start-ups, VC firms, etc., most, if not all the databases available in the market focus mainly on the funding information such as funding rounds, funding amount etc. rather than on providing information from a technology-centric perspective. For instance, someone might want to look up startups working in the area of ‘Cardiovascular Disease’ in health care area OR ‘Lidar Technology’ used in autonomous cars etc. purely from a technological perspective.
  • In addition, the database includes promoters of early technology developments such as incubators, accelerators and other organizations who play an important role in the ecosystem of technology development and commercialization
  • To address these challenges, SPA has developed a database that will provide information indexed by technology, and also provide information on funding, executives, address etc.