Rawhide-free/ Rawhide alternate compositions in manufacture of pet chews

Pet chews are preferred treats as they are long-lasting and keep the pet from feeling bored by engaging them for long durations. They also render benefits such as prevention of plaque, resulting in better oral health. Most pet chews comprise rawhides of animals, which could lead to risks such as contamination, digestion issues and choking. SciTech Patent Art (SPA) conducted a quick study to understand how leading companies are addressing this problem by looking at rawhide alternatives in pet chew manufacture.

A few solutions offered by some of the leading companies in this space (Nestle, Sergeant’s Pet Products Inc, Spectrum Brands, and GlobalOne Products) are summarized in this report.

  • Use of plant proteins as rawhide alternative
  • Extrusion of plant protein and meat into sheets and hardening the outer layer
  • Use of dairy material-based composition

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