Patent Strength Estimator

  • Quantitative assessment of a patents strength is a difficult task since it is mostly qualitative and is largely dependent on an analysts assessment of how well the patents claims have been drafted. Irrespective of this view, in recent years, there has been a significant interest in quantitative assessment of a patents strength based on known, objective parameters.
  • SPAs quantitative patent strength estimate is based on two factors:
    • A patents strength relative to its peers and
    • The patents remaining life
  • SPAs methodology for estimating a patents strength relative to its peers involves the extraction of parameters such as forward citations, backward citations, claim word count, and no. of family members. These parameters are extracted not only for the patent in question but also for its peers and a robust technique is used to weight the parameters and calculate the patents strength.
  • Once strengths of a group of patents are calculated, each patent is plotted on a plot as shown below. SPA has successfully used this methodology to study the patent portfolios of many companies.

Our methodology has also been benchmarked against that of a leading European peer as shown in the chart below.


Clearly, both our methodologies are comparable. Of course, our service is cost-effective (even free, for small data-sets) and readily available with no expensive licensing fee!!