Assisted Intelligence Tools

SciTech Patent Art approach to Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning is subject-specific. Our approach is to develop specialized subject-matter assistants that assist clients in specific matters. Much like how a smart student goes to college to study a specific discipline (e.g., Chemical Engineering, Physics, etc.) and become an expert in that discipline, we believe that cutting-edge algorithms need to be trained in specific subject matter to ably assist experts. Once we do the hard work of imparting that subject-specific knowledge to the machine, the machine has the capability to absorb 60 – 70% of the work-load. SciTech Patent Art uses well-tested, proprietary training methodologies to train the assistants
Our process flow for the development of subject-matter assistants is as follows

Advantages realized by clients from using SPA’s subject-matter assistants include:
Reduction of repetitive work
Training of new analysts
Improvement of technical analysis depth


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