Indian startups – Snapshot

  • India is fast emerging as a “startup nation”. The Indian technology landscape has seen a tremendous growth towards creation of innovative startups.
  • The Indian startup system is the 3rd largest in the world, after the US and China with a consistent year-on-year growth of 12-15% about 2-3 tech startups registered every day.
  • 41,000+ startups recognized by ‘Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT)’ since 2016.
  • 460,000+ jobs reported by recognized startups.
  • Startups recognized across 54 industrial sectors.
  • More than 30 states within India have a startup policy. 590+ regions within these 30 states have at least one recognized startup.
  • India is the most attractive investment place for startups when compared to other South East Asian counties, because of Internet penetration, proficiency in English and most importantly, purchasing power.

Number of startups established in the past 5 years

  • More than 41,000 startups established since 2016 across all areas, including enterprise software, health tech, EdTech, e-commerce/retail and Fintech, and finance services.
  • Even in the COVID-19 pandemic, the startup ecosystem continued to remain bullish in India with the addition of 14,700 new entities in 2020.
  • 58% of these unicorns are B2B technology startups. Some of these are in the areas of FinTech and EdTech. The highest valued unicorn is in the Fintech sector, with $16 Bn, followed by a startup in the EdTech sector.

Promising sectors in startups

  • Enterprise
  • Health Tech
  • Ed Tech
  • e-commerce/retail & retail tech
  • Fintech and finance services
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Startups in India by sector

Startups in India by sector

Major startups received investments

  • Investors, both from India and foreign countries, are investing heavily in Indian startups in recent times.
  • In 2020 alone, despite the Covid-19 pandemic, investors have poured in about $ 9.3 Bn into Indian startups.
  • The major industrial sections receivers of investments are :
    e-commerce, Fintech, Edtech, Food & Food tech.

Leading foreign investors in Indian startups

Leading foreign investors in Indian startups
1Executive summaryAn overview of the overall startup landscape in India
2History of Indian startupsWhat are the factors driving startup growth in India?
3Startups since 2016Learn more about the accelerating startup and unicorn scenario in Indian market
4Sectors in startupsIndustries that are seeing significant growth among Indian start ups. What consumer behavior is driving growth in specific market segments?
5Current state of startups in IndiaOverview of Indian startups, different government initiatives and relation with other countries
6Successful startups in IndiaDetails of each of the most successful startups in India
7Investments in Indian startupsInvestment trends in Indian startups, details of top investors in Indian startups, including foreign investors

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